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Third Eye Photography is owned and operated by me, Katrina Hawley (Adv Dip App Sc Photog). I have been shooting weddings for the past 7 years and still get excited by what beautiful images I can create for each of my clients. Every wedding is of course unlike the next and I thrive on finding different locations to suit the individuality of each couple.

People often ask how I came up with the name Third Eye. Well, I discovered when I was studying photography that I had developed almost another sense, a greater inner vision, an ability to be able to view and feel things in a way I never had before. I started to see things that had always been there but hadn’t noticed. I literally felt as though I had developed 3 eyes instead of 2! Hence the name Third Eye.

I feel very fortunate being able to choose a career that allows me to make a living from something I feel so passionate about. I used to be a legal secretary, PA, PR consultant, typist, chambermaid whilst travelling through Europe…and the list goes on. However, my lovely Lawyer boss could see that I was struggling to stay motivated and pushed me to pursue my creative ability and thanks to her here I am!!

After studying for 3 years full time I worked in the industry for an editorial/commercial photographer for 4 years whilst building up my own business and working out which area of photography my passion was strongest. Whilst, initially, most of us study photography because we love creating fine art images we also need to be able to make a living. I started shooting weddings because I love the creative freedom it allowed me and I genuinely love meeting people and exploring new areas of my town. My creative style grew and grew and I guess you could describe it as funky, candid, passionate unobtrusive, relaxed, stress free and loads of fun.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have, or to arrange an appointment to meet so we can discuss your plans further.

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